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Rewards Mega Pack 250 Stickers 1


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Stars, Faces, Emojis, Gold, Silver, Multicolour, Inspirational Words, Quotes, Verses, Rewards, Well Done, Good Work, You’re A Star, Excellent, Wow, Merits, Emoji, Great Work

These fun stickers can be used to stick on scrapbooks, diaries, walls, cups and much more. These cute fun themes can create hours of fun, and enhance your child’s imagination and creativity!

Over 250 Stickers and 9 Rewards Charts

Large Sticker Sheet 30 x 13cm

Medium Bubble Sticker Sheet 20 x 13cm

Small Bubble Sticker Sheet 15 x 10cm

Pack of 140 Laser Stickers

9 Rewards Chart sheets 24 x 16cm

All your favourite stickers from the UK’s largest sticker company

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